Report: The 20 best schools for financial aid, according to students


The Princeton Review recently released its 62nd annual college rankings lists, which are based wholly off what students attending the schools have said in response to their surveys. After tallying answers to 80 different questions from more than 138,000 students at 384 schools, they produced the book The Best 384 Colleges which gives a comprehensive look at things like campus life, student body and even financial aid.

Princeton Review lists top schools for financial aid on ‘Best Colleges’ lists

Financial aid is a key factor in whether or not many students are able to attend college or university. Without it, some simply can’t afford higher education. When it comes to financial aid, here are the colleges that have the best packages, according to the what the students who attend them told the Princeton Review:
One thing to note is that the Princeton Review says the schools aren’t ranked overall #1 to #384, but rather there are several lists and the institutions are organized into the top 20 for each of its 62 different ranking list categories.
When it comes to whether a person can attend college or not, much of their decision may be based on finances. Will they take out a loan? When will they have to pay it back? If you want to know more about borrowing money for college, here are some key things to know about the student loan forgiveness program.

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