Prime perk: Everything in Amazon’s new sample section is either $2 or $4 with full credit


If you’re paying $99 per year for an Amazon Prime membership, you might as well take advantage of all the great perks!

One of the benefits that you don’t hear about often is called Prime Samples. It’s a relatively new program that lets Prime members try a wide variety of individual samples priced between $2 and $4 with free shipping.

Even better, you’ll receive a credit equal to the price you paid for the sample — so it’s basically free!

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How Amazon Prime members can get lots of samples for practically free!

The credit can be used for a future purchase, but there are restrictions. You can only use your credit for select items in the product category you sampled.

Here’s an example… 

If you buy a 3-ounce sample of Colgate Optic White Platinum toothpaste for $2, you’ll receive a $2 Amazon credit that can be spent in the toothpaste category.

That $2 could go toward the purchase of a full-sized Colgate item or other brands of toothpaste.

Amazon Samples toothpaste sample for $2
Amazon Samples toothpaste sample for $2

To see the items that are eligible for the credit before you buy, click “Learn more” next to the price and then select the area that I’ve highlighted in the picture below.

See all items you can buy with a Toothpaste credit
See all items you can buy with a Toothpaste credit

Amazon says its Prime-exclusive samples include beauty products, food and beverages, sports nutrition and personal care items. You can buy as many samples as you want, but you can only purchase each unique sample once.

These samples are a great way to try new products you’ve been eyeing or stock up on favorites in travel-friendly sizes.


Amazon offers samples of more than just individual items. Team Clark tried several of the retailer’s sample boxes, which also come with an equal credit for every box purchased. Read our review here!

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