Squadhelp: How to make $100 for naming a new business

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Need to make a quick hundred bucks? Squadhelp lets you submit names for startup businesses and get compensated. If your name is selected, you get a guaranteed award of $100 or more!

Here’s what you need to know about Squadhelp

Thousands of startup businesses are launching every day. What if you could earn money just by supplying innovative branding for all those new businesses?

Squadhelp is a new site that will pay you for your great ideas around business names and logos.

This startup was recently named by Inc Magazine as one of the six most innovative companies on its annual Inc 5,000 list.

Here’s what you need to know before getting started with the free service…

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How Squadhelp works 

For just a couple hundred bucks, a new business can submit a proposal to Squadhelp containing the details of their business plan and a request for crowdsourced branding ideas.

squadhelp for businesses

Once the request for proposal is processed, word goes out to a network of 75,000 Squadhelp “creatives” to submit their ideas for a name.

(In fact, that’s the idea behind Squadhelp’s own name; there is a team or squad of people out there working on coming up with the best possible branding for your business.)

Contests typically run for about a week and usually attract several hundred entries. At the end of the contest, one name is chosen by the startup business that started the contest. The winner receives a minimum $100 prize.


It’s that easy!

A look at naming contests and pay

When you sign up, you’ll only have access to a few assigned contests at first:

squadhelp assigned contests

The brand name for an insurance business contest caught my eye in particular because I write often about insurance for Clark.com.

So I read the company’s statement — detailing what their brand is about, who their customers are, what their idea of an “on brand” name would be like, etc. And then after mulling it all over, I threw my suggestion into the hat.

The cool thing about Squadhelp is that their system will automatically check your name idea for URL compatibility, i.e. to make sure your name suggestion is not already taken by another website.

Contest pay

After you enter more of the initial contests open to you, Squadhelp gradually grants you access to their full range of contests. Some of these will pay upwards of $200 or $300.

squadhelp biz

Many of these higher-paying contests will require you to electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is so that once you know the details of a business plan that’s about to launch, you don’t go around giving key details away to competitors.

Payment methods

Unlike some other popular side-hustle services, Squadhelp used to only remit payment to a PayPal account. Recently, they did add a second payment method — the fledgling Payoneer.


You can keep up with the latest Squadhelp payment info here.

Logo and package design opportunities

Turns out Squadhelp offers more than just name help for new businesses!

If you’re a graphic designer, you can also use your services to submit logos for prospective businesses through Squadhelp. Package designers can get in on the action by submitting plans for unique and memorable package design, too.

Final thought

If you have a knack for coming up with catchy names, Squadhelp may be able to help you get some compensation for your skills!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn about other unique ways to put a little extra jingle in your pocket, but sure to check out our article on the best ways to make extra money right now!

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