How to Sell Your Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

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Deciding where to sell your stuff to make more money can be overwhelming, but you can use an app you already have to declutter your home.

Facebook Marketplace works like apps such as Craigslist, Mercari and OfferUp. You can list practically anything right from your Facebook profile on a computer or mobile device: items you no longer have use for, vehicles for sale, rental properties — even a job for hire.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the steps to get started making extra cash with Facebook Marketplace.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace

Step 1: Access Facebook Marketplace

You can get to Facebook Marketplace from your smartphone or desktop. Just click the storefront icon to the left on your News Feed, or go directly to

Where to find Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook Homepage.

Step 2: Post Your Item

Click “Create New Listing” on the left side of your screen.

How to create a listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Then choose the general category where your post belongs.

The listing type on a new listing for Facebook Marketplace.

After that, fill in the item details, including the specific category, price, location, description and pictures of the item. I listed a pair of shoes for $15 and waited for a message.


Item for sale listing preview details on Facebook Marketplace.

If you don’t know how to price an item, research the competition by searching Facebook Marketplace to see what other people are asking. Buyers on Facebook Marketplace will often try to haggle with you to get a lower price, so keep that in mind.

If you are listing multiple items on a single post, setting the official post price at $1 and adding more details on individual pictures may attract potential buyers.

Important: Before you take pictures of the item you’re selling, you should clean it up to make it more appealing!

Step 3: Wait for Buyers

I waited a day and a half before I received any messages about my listing. After about a day, I lowered the price of the shoes I posted from $15 to $10 in an attempt to attract more interest.

Keep in mind that interested people will contact you via Facebook Messenger and comments, so check your account regularly to respond to prospective buyers quickly.

Facebook organizes the messages about your items under each post in the “Your Listings” section.

Messages under listings on Facebook Marketplace.

You can widen the area where you want to sell or join local exchange groups if you want more people to see your listing. You may have to travel a little farther to meet a buyer, so keep your transportation costs in mind when broadening your post area.

Another way to get more people to see your wares is to list them on multiple platforms like Mercari, Craigslist and OfferUp. Doing this increases the chances of someone seeing your item and getting it sold more quickly.


If your post still isn’t attracting buyers, you can boost your post by making it an advertisement. Boosting a post is probably worth it only if you are selling a high-value item or many items that you’ve grouped together in a single listing.

To boost your post, set your budget, add the amount of time you want the ad to run, then pay Facebook. Facebook accepts credit, debit and PayPal, but it also gives you the option to link a bank account directly.

How to boost a post on Facebook Marketplace.

Step 4: Arrange the Sale

Facebook doesn’t handle transactions, so you don’t pay a fee like you would on eBay. This means that you have to arrange payment with the buyer.

Facebook recommends PayPal or cash, but you can also use another person-to-person payment method like Venmo or Cash App. Whatever you choose, make sure that you communicate how you’d like to be paid with the buyer before you meet them.

Safety is another consideration when meeting someone to sell an item. Bringing someone with you and completing the transaction in a public area with people around are both recommended.

Facebook has a list of tips for safely buying and selling on their marketplace here.

Step 5: Mark It Sold!

This step is simple! Once you sell your item, click the “Mark as Sold” button so that people know it’s off the market.

Active items for sale on Facebook Marketplace that you can Mark as Sold once the item sells..

Have you used Facebook Marketplace or another platform to sell your stuff? Let us know in the comments below!


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