Field Agent: Make Money Doing Small Jobs With Your Phone

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It’s easier than ever to make extra money with your phone these days. I’ve been doing it for a few years now with the Field Agent mobile app.

In this article, I’ll tell you how the Field Agent app works, including how to make money with it.

Field Agent App: Everything You Need To Know

I originally downloaded the app in 2019 when I was researching how to make extra cash online. Since then I’ve opened it occasionally to check for easy and quick jobs.

The free app pays you for mystery shopping, doing market research and performing audits at retail stores. As long as you complete the job in the allotted time and follow the instructions, you’ll get paid, typically in a few days.

Field Agent is available for download for Android or iOS. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

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What Is Field Agent and How Does It Work?

Field Agent is an app that pays you to perform small jobs at businesses near where you live. The app describes itself as an “on-demand platform” for jobs ranging from retail audits to digital product demonstrations.

Field Agent is a data collection and digital marketing service. It works with other companies to give them information and insight about their customers.

That’s really the gist of how users get paid: You conducting field research for product manufacturers. Field App is just the middleman.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you’ll need to enter your date of birth before you can qualify to work with Field Agent.

From there you can choose how you want jobs to appear in the app via:

  • Display
  • Distance
  • Sort By

You also have the option to hide certain jobs like those dealing with alcohol or real estate audits.

Field App jobs

How Much Money Can You Make?

A few years ago when I first started using Field Agent, the jobs paid between $3 to $15, but more recently I’ve seen a range of $3 to $5 for most jobs.

The jobs take typically anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes to complete.

The good thing is that there are some jobs that don’t even require you to leave your home.

What Kinds of Jobs Does Field Agent Have?

Field Agent has a variety of jobs you can choose from. In fact, it has the most jobs I’ve seen in any money-making app.

The jobs range from Buy and Try tasks which pay you to try different products to Display Dashes, which instruct you to take pictures of different types of displays in retail stores.

There are also Eye Spy and Scavenger Hunt jobs, which involve gathering data, such as UPC codes, of select items on shelves.

Ratings & Reviews jobs require you to make an online purchase and then write a review about the product.

You can cancel any job that you feel you cannot complete, and there is no penalty for doing so.

Field Agent app jobs

When you tap on a particular job, you’ll see how much it pays and how much time you’re given to complete the task. You’ll also see a job overview that gives instructions on how to complete the task, the time allowed to complete the job and directions to the place of business (if applicable).

Field Agent app screenshot

As an example, I did some audits that required me to go inside a food market and observe some product displays and customer interactions. Once I took a head-on storefront photo and uploaded it to the Field Agent app. After that, I was done.

The Field Agent app allows you to get paid via:

  • Direct deposit (you can use CashApp or PayPal)
  • Checking account / pre-paid debit card
  • Savings account

Is the Field Agent App Legit or a Scam?

When I signed up for Field Agent, I didn’t know much about the app. But after getting paid, I can say that it is very much legit.

After you’ve submitted a completed job and it’s been approved, you’ll get an email that says “You Just Made Money!”

Field Agent: How to get paid for small jobs and make money

When you click the orange Cash Out button it will take you to the app where you can complete the transaction to get paid.

Final Thoughts

Field Agent’s ease of use and relatively convenient jobs make it a great way to earn extra income with your phone.

One thing I learned that can save you time and gas: Sometimes when you tap on a job to accept, you’ll get a message saying, ‘This job is no longer available.” So it’s a good idea to tap on and accept the job first, before driving to the location.

After using Field Agent for a period of time, I can say with confidence the app is a good way to earn extra money close to your home.

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