Verizon Home Internet: Things To Know Before You Sign Up

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Verizon may be best known for its wireless phone service, but the company offers home internet as well.

In this article, I’ll take a close look at each of the home internet plans Verizon offers including Verizon LTE Home Internet, Verizon 5G Home Internet and Verizon Fios.

I’ve checked out each plan to see how much it costs, where it’s likely available, what it includes, additional fees and how it compares to similar home internet plans.

5 Things To Know About Verizon Home Internet

Verizon offers two types of home internet service: fiber optic service (Fios) and fixed wireless internet (LTE/5G Home). Fios is Verizon’s standard home internet, and it provides access to the highest speeds available from Verizon (up to 940Mbps with the biggest plan.) 

Alternatively, Verizon offers fixed wireless internet service that provides access to high-speed LTE or 5G service in your area through a router that converts the signal to Wi-Fi. If you don’t have access to Verizon Fios or other standard internet options, fixed wireless service may still be available in your area.

In the table below, you’ll see each of Verizon’s three types of home internet and starting prices per month with autopay. The download speeds listed below are based on information from Verizon’s website. To see which types of service are available at your home, click “check availability” next to each.

Starting PriceDownload SpeedsContractsAdditional FeesAvailability
Verizon Fios$25300MbpsNoneNoneCheck Availability
Verizon LTE Home$2525-50MbpsNoneNoneCheck availability
Verizon 5G Home$2585-300MbpsNoneNoneCheck availability

Below, you’ll find more information on each of Verizon’s internet plans including what you can expect for the cost, where each plan is available and how they compare to similar plans from other providers.

Table of Contents

Plans and Pricing

Although Verizon offers three types of home internet (Fios, LTE and 5G), there are more plans to choose from. Verizon Fios is available with three different internet-only plans, and you can bundle it with live TV for more options. Verizon LTE Home offers one plan, but Verizon 5G Home offers two.

In this section, you’ll find more information on the specific home internet plans available from Verizon and ways to save money on them.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios provides access to a high-speed fiber-optic network. Because you can expect faster download speeds and a more reliable connection, the monthly cost of Verizon Fios is slightly higher than Verizon LTE or 5G Home. 


In this table, you can see the monthly price of each Verizon Fios home internet plan (with autopay), additional equipment charges and a full list of plan perks:

Price w/ Mobile Plan & Auto PayPrice w/ Auto PayDownload SpeedsEquipment ChargesPlan Perks
$24.99$49.99Up to 300MbpsNone- Xbox Stereo Headset OR $50 Home Depot Gift Card
$44.99$69.99Up to 500MbpsNone- Xbox Elite Wireless Controller II OR $50 Home Depot Gift Card
$64.99$89.99Up to 940MbpsNone- Disney+ Premium for 6 months
- Whole-Home Wi-Fi (router rental and Wi-Fi extender included)
- 2TB Verizon Cloud storage

Taxes and fees are included in plan prices. Also, these are the prices for internet-only Verizon Fios plans, but there are bundles available for Fios and live TV starting at $99.99 per month. 

To see if Verizon Fios is available at your address, you can enter it on Verizon’s website.

Verizon LTE Home

Verizon LTE Home is one of Verizon’s fixed wireless internet services, and there’s only one plan available. However, there are ways to save on the monthly plan. Specifically, you can save $10 per month with autopay, and you can save 50% with select 5G mobile plans

Here’s how much Verizon LTE Home costs:

  • $25 per month with autopay and select 5G mobile plans
  • $50 per month with autopay
  • $60 per month without autopay

These prices include taxes, fees and a router according to Verizon’s website. 

Eligible 5G mobile plans include Verizon Play More, Verizon Do More and Verizon Get More. These plans begin at $80 per month for a single line.

To see if Verizon LTE Home is available in your area, visit Verizon’s website and click “Check Availability.”

Verizon 5G Home

If you have access to Verizon’s 5G network in your area, you may also be eligible for Verizon 5G Home Internet. The basic 5G Home plan costs the same as Verizon LTE Home, but you may also choose to upgrade to Verizon 5G Home Plus. 

Here’s how much Verizon 5G Home and Verizon 5G Home Plus cost:

PlanPrice With Autopay and Eligible Wireless PlanPrice With AutopayPrice Without AutopayDownload Speeds
Verizon 5G Home$25 per month$50 per month$60 per month85-300Mbps
Verizon 5G Home Plus$35 per month$70 per month$80 per month300-1000Mbps

These prices include taxes, fees and a router according to Verizon’s website. 

Eligible 5G mobile plans include Verizon Play More, Verizon Do More and Verizon Get More. These plans begin at $80 per month for a single line.

To see if Verizon 5G Home and Verizon 5G Home Plus are available in your area, enter your address on Verizon’s website here.

Download Speeds

Verizon Fios and Verizon LTE/5G Home Internet each provide home Wi-Fi to your devices through an in-home router, but the way that they work is completely different. Verizon Fios provides access to a fiber-optic network while Verizon LTE and 5G Home convert a wireless signal from nearby phone towers. 

Regardless of which internet service is available in your home, speeds may vary based on location, weather conditions and more. Still, Verizon’s website lists expected download speeds for each internet plan. 

In the table below, you’ll see each of the different home internet plans offered by Verizon as well as the plan’s price and download speeds:

PlanPrice*Download Speed
Verizon Fios$24.99300Mbps
Verizon Fios$44.99500Mbps
Verizon Fios$64.99940Mbps
Verizon LTE Home$2525-50Mbps
Verizon 5G Home$2585-300Mbps
Verizon 5G Home Plus$35300-1000Mbps

*With an eligible mobile plan and autopay


Before you decide which internet service is ideal for you, be sure to make sure it’s available in your area. The fastest way to do this is by entering your address on Verizon’s website using the links below. Additionally, you’ll find a list of areas where each service is currently available.

Check Verizon Fios Availability

Verizon Fios is currently available in these areas:
  • Delaware
    • Dover
    • Wilmington
  • Maryland
    • Baltimore
    • Bethesda
    • Columbia
    • Germantown
  • Massachusetts
    • Boston
    • South Shore
    • Framingham
    • Taunton
  • New Jersey
    • Jersey City
    • Newark
    • Paterson
    • Toms River
    • Trenton
  • New York
    • Albany
    • Buffalo
    • New York City
    • Plattsburgh
    • Syracuse
    • Long Island
    • Hudson Valley
  • Pennsylvania
    • Bucks County
    • Delaware County
    • Harrisburg
    • Montgomery County
    • Philadelphia
    • Pittsburgh
  • Rhode Island
    • Providence
    • Pawtucket
    • South Kingstown
  • Virginia
    • Norfolk
    • Richmond
  • Washington, DC
    • National Capital Region

Check Verizon LTE Home Availability
Verizon LTE Home is currently available in areas with 4G LTE network service, according to Verizon’s website.


Check Verizon 5G Home Availability

Verizon 5G Home is currently available in areas with 5G network service, according to Verizon’s website.

Contracts and Additional Fees

Verizon doesn’t require annual contracts with any home internet plans including Fios, LTE Home and 5G Home. You can cancel any home internet plan at any time without having to worry about early termination fees

Also, all of Verizon’s home internet equipment can be installed yourself for free. That means you won’t have to worry about professional installation fees. 

You’ll won’t have to pay for a router with Verizon Fios or Home Internet as it’s now included in the plan costs. Equipment fees and taxes are included with Verizon LTE Home, Verizon 5G Home and Verizon Fios plans. 

How It Compares

To see how Verizon’s home internet plans compared to similar offers available from phone companies, I compared a few of the most popular options. 

In the table below, you’ll see standard home internet plans including Verizon Fios and AT&T Fiber as well as fixed wireless internet plans including Verizon LTE Home, Verizon 5G Home, T-Mobile 5G Home, AT&T Fixed Wireless and UScellular. 

PlanStarting PriceDownload SpeedData LimitEquipment Rental FeesAvailability
Verizon Fios$25300MbpsNoneNoneCheck Availability
AT&T Fiber$55300MbpsNone$10 per month (Wi-Fi extender)Check availability
Verizon LTE Home$2525-50MbpsNoneNone, but an installation fee of up to $99 may applyCheck availability
Verizon 5G Home$2585-300MbpsNoneNone, but an installation fee of up to $99 may applyCheck availability
T-Mobile 5G Home$30-$5072-245MbpsNoneNoneCheck availability
AT&T Fixed Wireless$59.9925Mbps350GBNone, but an installation fee of up to $99 may applyCheck availability
UScellular$50Speeds vary by location300GB-1.5TB$3, $6.66 or $24.02 per month with a 36-month rental contract depending on locationCheck availability
Straight Talk Wireless$4520-50 Mbps (4G/LTE)
20-100 Mbps (5G)
None$99.99 one-time cost for the routerCheck availability

Each of the prices in the table above reflects autopay discounts and discounts for already having a cell phone plan with the company if available. 

It is worth mentioning that while the starting price of AT&T Fiber is higher than Verizon Fios, comparing the bigger plans available tells a different story. Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection ($89.99 per month without a phone plan) is actually more expensive than AT&T Fiber’s 1 Gig plan ($80 per month) by $10.

When it comes to fixed wireless internet, Verizon LTE and 5G Home plans are hard to beat as far as prices go. Plus, they offer higher download speeds on average. In fact, based on a recent study published by Ookla, Verizon came in second place for 5G performance in the first quarter of 2023. It was beaten only by T-Mobile. The two companies also nearly tied for first place in 5G consistency.


It’s also worth noting that AT&T Fixed Wireless and UScellular’s home internet include monthly data limits whereas Verizon and T-Mobile’s plans provide unlimited access.

Of course, the biggest factor in how these plans compare comes down to what’s available in your area. Since some service availability may vary from one house to the next, even in the same neighborhood, it’s important to enter your address on each company’s website before you get too far into comparing plans. 

Once you know what’s available at your address, consider download speeds, data limits, and of course, the total price.

Final Thoughts: Should You Switch to Verizon Internet?

Whether you’re considering Verizon’s standard fiber-optic home internet or fixed wireless LTE/5G Home service, it’s important to see what’s available at your address and start your comparison there. 

If you’re thinking about switching to Verizon from another internet service provider, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you have a Verizon Wireless phone plan?
  • Are there any Verizon internet plans available in your area?
  • Have you compared plan prices, download speeds and data limits?

If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, Verizon LTE or 5G Home Internet or Verizon Fios is worth considering so long as it’s the best deal in your area. Keep in mind that you’ll need to consider how much internet you use and what you use it for. 

A standard internet plan like Verizon Fios will provide more reliable data at consistently higher speeds, which may make it the best option for gamers, streamers and/or supporting a household full of devices. 

However, a fixed wireless service like Verizon LTE or 5G Home will be cheaper overall in addition to avoiding monthly equipment rental fees. Plus, it’s more likely to be available in rural areas where standard internet plans aren’t as accessible. 

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