4 insurance startups that will change the way you shop for insurance


Recently, we told you about how a company called Lemonade is reinventing the process of getting homeowners insurance and renter’s insurance.

But that’s just the latest in a long line of disruptors shaking up the insurance field. Here’s a look at four other disruptive insurance startups making waves today…

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With a focus specifically on health insurance, this company is backed by some big names like Fidelity and Google, according to the Financial Times. Here are some highlights about Oscar:

  • Free doctor vists, free generic drugs and free routine care, such as flu shots, immunizations, pregnancy screenings, lab tests and more.
  • Discounted rates for specialist visits, brand-name drugs, urgent care and other common care.
  • Talk to a doctor and get prescriptions without ever leaving home for common conditions like sinus infections, pink eye or the flu.
  • Plans available in select areas of New York, New Jersey, California and Texas—provided you don’t already have health insurance from an employer.
  • Earn rewards for staying active with a free Misfit step tracker. You can get up to $1 a day for reaching your personalized daily step goals.


A longtime favorite of Clark’s, PolicyGenius is a great way to get a quote for term life insurance.

  • Offers level term life insurance, disability insurance, renter’s insurance and even pet insurance.
  • You do a brief registration and then you answer a questionnaire that takes about four minutes. Some of the questions can be pretty intrusive, but you want to answer honestly so you can get the right quotes.
  • You can have quotes emailed to you and nobody will ever call you, unless you want them to.


This on-demand insurer will be coming to the U.S. in 2017. Trov will partner with Munich Re for underwriting, according to the Financial Times.

  • Offers protection for phones, laptops, TVs and monitors, tablets, appliances, headphones & speakers, sports equipment, musical instruments, cameras, gaming equipment.
  • You can buy coverage against accidental damage, loss and theft.
  • Filing a claim is as easy as sending a few text messages.


Geared more toward corporations that are trying to assess the risk of cyber-crime, Cyence is a startup that counts Brit Insurance, A.M. Best and Marsh among its first customers.

  • Brings together data science, cybersecurity, and economics to build a unique analytics platform that quantifies the financial impact of cyber risk.
  • Used by leaders across the insurance industry to prospect and select risks, assess and price risks, manage risk portfolios and accumulations and bring new insurance products to market.

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