Insurance Resources


Insurance Resources

Company ratings:
Look for A+ or better – A.M. Best – Rate your company – Standard & Poors – Rate your company – Moody’s – Rate your company

Get a quote:
Look for A+ or better – get quotes – Strong in educational content – quotes and info – quotes and info – quotes and info – large number of automobile quotes – term life insurance quotes: 1-800-940-8376 (TERM) – quotes and info – quotes and info – quotes and info
Select Quote – Insurance Services – 800-824-3300
Master Quote of America – 800-337-5433

‘The 5 Best Life Insurance Policies’ – 800-472-5800
Order list of five best policies for your age and sex. The cost is $50.

General – Estimates ‘true’ investment returns on any cash value life insurance policy (the typical cost is between $70-80) – life insurance discussion forum

National Insurance Consumer Hotline – 800-942-4242
This service, offered by the Insurance Information Institute, responds to consumer questions about all kinds of insurance.

Car insurance:
Three best rate companies (Consumer Reports)
1. Amica (Will only take you if you have no tickets or accidents)
2. USAA (open to Military personnel, dependants and former USAA members.)
3. Cincinnati Insurance

Tip: Always have liability insurance. If your annual premiums for collision and comprehensive coverage exceed 10% of the value of your car, consider dropping them. If you have an older car that is worth very little, it may not make sense to carry collision coverage.

When it comes to diminished value, the owner’s claim is the difference between the value of the car before the accident and after the accident. If the car is repaired but the value after repairs is less than it was before the accident, that decrease is a valid facet of the owner’s claim. The insurance company must pay that decrease to obtain a full release for its policyholder. The diminished value is typically negotiated between the auto owner and the insurance company, But if litigation is initiated, it will be determined by a judge or jury.

Mortgage Insurance:
FHA/HUD – 703-235-8117
Call if you overpaid your mortgage insurance.

Medical insurance:
Health Care Fraud Squad (FBI) – 404-679-9000
In general, be sure the premium is stable, that benefits accelerate at the same rate as inflation, and that the policy spells out ‘in-home’ as well as out-of-home care.

Long Term Care insurance: – Buying tips and quotes – Buying tips and quotes – Buying tips and quotes