Haven Life Plus: What you need to know about this unique insurance offering

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Today’s life insurance customer is not like the life insurance customer of old. Younger customers want to be able to buy a life insurance policy and manage it all from their phone.

And they want perks with their policy — lot and lots of perks!

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Introducing Haven Life Plus

Haven Life is one of a handful on insurers that issues term life insurance policies — money expert Clark Howard’s favorite kind of life insurance — with no medical exam.

When you go through Haven, select qualified applicants (up to age 45) can finalize coverage online without the need to have a physical exam or a blood test. Certain candidates, however, may still need to pass medical underwriting, depending on a variety of factors.

All of Haven Life’s policies are underwritten by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, an A++ rated company for financial strength and stability.

And now, in an effort to broaden its customer base, the startup insurer has introduced Haven Life Plus.

What do you get with Haven Life Plus?

Haven Life Plus is an insurance rider that sits on top of your existing Haven Life policy. It offers a broad range of freebie perks valued at north of $200 that touch on estate planning, on-demand health services and emergency planning.

And here’s the nice thing about Haven Life Plus: While some insurance riders typically cost extra to add to a policy, that’s not the case here. A Haven Life representative confirmed to Clark.com that, “The Haven Life Plus rider is included in a policy at no additional charge.”

However, we should note that the Haven Life Plus rider is not available in Florida, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington.


But if you live anywhere other than in those few states, here’s what you do get:

Will creation

We’ve talked extensively in the past about the need for a last will and testament for most people. Haven Life has teamed up with online will provider Trust & Will to offer free will creation services and a year of unlimited updates for its policyholders. That’s up to a $129 value.

This offer is void in Washington, Missouri, and North Carolina.

Secure online safe deposit box

The traditional safe deposit box has been reimagined with the rise of cloud computing.

Life Site is part of the Haven Life Plus offering with a secure online safe deposit box to store all the important papers you and your family could ever need. Uploading a document to Life Site is as easy as pointing and shooting a picture on your phone.

This is an $80 value.

15% discount at MinuteClinic

CVS MinuteClinic operates 1,112 clinics across 33 states and Washington, D.C., offering a convenient health care option that doesn’t require an appointment and is open every day.

Through Haven Life Plus, you get a 15% discount on any single CVS MinuteClinic service. This discount is not compatible with health or other insurances.

Mobile alternative to 911

You don’t want a 911 operator to have to fool around with triangulation to locate you in an emergency.

Life Link is a mobile app that lets you connect with emergency services accurately and instantly at the touch of a button. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS.


(This free app is actually available to all Haven Term policyholders, not just those with the Plus rider).

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