Fabric: A new way to buy life insurance starting at $6 a month

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Has the tapestry of your life grown to include children or a spouse who depends on you financially? Then it’s time for life insurance and a little Fabric might be in order.

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Get a life insurance policy in 2 minutes

The way life insurance is sold is undergoing a sea change.

For years, applying for life insurance involved filling out a time-consuming application, waiting weeks to undergo medical underwriting and sitting on your hands while the whole thing worked itself out.

But now there’s a whole vanguard of new services that sell life insurance to appeal to millennials. These providers make getting a policy something easy you can do from your phone. And you’ll get a decision in just minutes — not weeks.

Now you can add Fabric to that list.

Fabric is a new seller of level-term life insurance, where you pay one set amount each month (that’s the level part) for a predetermined number of years (the term). What you pay never goes up once you lock in your rate.

Fabric segments the life insurance buying process into two buckets.

The first part of the plan called Fabric Instant is an accidental death policy that starts at just $6/month for $100,000 of coverage.

Fabric Instant covers you for death by car accident, bike injury, commercial air crashes, loss of life to fire and even murder.


Exclusions include suicide, death from illness or death while participating in a riot. Additional exclusions may apply depending on your state.

Best of all, Fabric promises you can apply on your phone and get a policy in place in under two minutes using their platform.

Once you have a Fabric Instant policy, you can then upgrade to the second part of the plan — Fabric Premium — when you’re ready.

The Fabric Premium service, which is a 20-year term life policy, adds an additional layer of protection by including coverage for death caused by all illnesses — such as heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and all other natural causes.

fabric premium quote
Sample quote for a 42-year-old male in Georgia who does not use tobacco.

Exclusions for the Premium service include suicide and misrepresentation on your application.

Applying for Fabric Premium involves a health check that takes about 45 minutes and is done at your home. A blood draw will be taken during the health check.

All policies through Fabric are underwritten by Vantis Life Insurance Company, which has an A rating through A.M. Best. (The A.M. Best rating system measures financial stability and also awards A+ and even A++ to select insurers.)

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