Beware of official-looking emails about canceled insurance!


Head’s up about a localized insurance scam that Clark worries could get legs and spread around the country…

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‘Your Insurance Cancellation’ email

If you get an email with the subject line ‘Your Insurance Cancellation,’ you’ll want to think twice about opening it—and don’t click on any links or call any telephone numbers contained therein if you do!

The name and title of a state insurance commissioner is being used in scam emails, according to Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR).

‘A fraudulent email, appearing to be sent from OIR Commissioner Altmaier, has been sent to consumers, notifying that all of the recipient’s insurance policies have been cancelled,’ the OIR notes in a press release. ‘OIR does not send notices of cancellation and those who receive this email should disregard the information.’

The email constitutes a ‘unauthorized use of Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier’s name and position.’

While this scam is so far only active in an handful of Florida counties, Clark is concerned that is could quickly spread like the utilities cancellation scam.

Be on your guard!

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