3 ways to pay less when you have a teen driver under your roof


Did you know the average auto insurance premium goes up 79% when you have a new driver on your policy? That’s according to InsuranceQuotes.com.

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Teen drivers will jack up your insurance rate

The financial burden on a family when a teen starts driving is not to be underestimated.

‘I have a 16-year-old daughter and let me tell you, what a sticker shock it was for me when I had to add her to our auto insurance,’ Clark says.

The consumer champ recommends three main strategies to fight back against that sticker shock:

1. Have your teen pay some or all of the increased premium.
2. Consider having plenty of liability coverage since teens tend to have accidents.
3. Don’t buy a separate policy. It’s almost always cheaper to add your teen to your own policy.

For more tips on how to shop for auto insurance coverage, check out our dedicated section on Clark.com.

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Got a teen driver? Here’s how to get a better insurance rate

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