How to Open a Door That’s Locked From the Inside — Without a Key


If you have young kids, you know they’re in and out of the bathroom all day. Washing their hands, blowing their noses, using the toilet.

It’s bound to happen that someone locks the door from the inside and shuts it as they leave the bathroom.

Uh oh…

Easy Way to Get That Locked Door Open

A lot of bathroom handles have no keyhole — just a knob built into the handle you turn to lock the door when you’re in the bathroom.

So the only way to get a door open when you’re on the outside and it’s locked from the inside is to remove the door from its hinges.

Don’t worry, removing a door from its hinges is an easy task that can be done in under a minute. Best of all, it only requires a hammer and a small screwdriver!

Watch the video above for a full step-by-step guide.

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