Too much standing water in your bathtub? Do this!

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That’s how you handle an uncooperative bathtub drain!

Nobody likes to take a shower in a puddle of water that’s backing up because your drain is clogged!

But when just pulling out loose shards of soap and hair won’t do, does your next call have to be a plumber? No way!

This is a job you can do yourself.

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Meanwhile, if you’re looking for other DIY plumbing tasks you can take on, we’d like to suggest these:

A $10 piece could save you thousands

Next time you’re out of town, you don’t want to have to worry about your washing machine hose rupturing and spraying water all over your home.

If that happens, you could sustain hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage should the situation go unchecked for a few days.

The solution? Ditch the rubber washing machine hoses and go with braided metallic flexible hoses. This job is easy to do yourself after watching a YouTube tutorial. Steel braided hoses typically cost around $10 a piece at any hardware store.

This $4 fix can save you a $100 home visit

If your toilet handle jiggles, chances are you need to replace the flap valve. Again, YouTube tutorials come to the rescue!

The part costs around $4 and it will prevent you from having to call a plumber who might charge $100 to walk through your door.

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