A toilet that costs $6,000?!


We needed a new toilet at home so I went through Consumer Reports, cross referenced model numbers and did my comparison shopping on the web. Then my wife and I settled on a $300 toilet.

However, I know that most times, people don’t think much about their toilet purchases. Surprisingly,  toilets actually vary a lot; you can buy one for $100 but it may use too much water to handle the business.

Well, I have an opposite story to share: What if you spent $5,000 or $6,000 on your john? I was reading in The New York Times about how marketers have decided that the next big thing will be convincing Americans to put toilets that cost multiple thousands of dollars into their homes.

My experience with high-end toilet seats is limited to my travels in Japan. In the island nation, they have these toilets seats that you practically need an advanced degree to know how to operate. They’re often motorized so you can adjust the height and they’re all heated because a lot of bathrooms are not in Japan.

So now our toilet manufacturers are aping this high-end trend stateside. They’re busy trying to convince people in the United States that instead of buying a $300 toilet, we need to spend $6,000. Maybe people in luxury homes will love this idea. But if your bathroom is already heated, this is overkill.

I saw that Costco is selling a Japanese-style kit for $100 that you can install on your existing toilet to trick it out. If you want to try fancy dancy, why not start with that? It sure beats spending $6,000!

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