8 things your plumber won’t tell you that could save you big bucks


Plumbing problems can be some of the most expensive and unpredictable situations that can occur in your home.

But they don’t have to be. Here’s some advice from plumbers about ways you can save money before calling them out to help!

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8 secret tips from plumbers that can save you big

Google and YouTube can save you big bucks

One of our Team Clark staffers recently had his hot water heater go out. Did he call out a plumber? NO!

He used Google to determine that rather than needing a replacement hot water heater, all he needed was a little $8 part called the thermocouple. Then he found a YouTube video that explained how to replace the part on his type of hot water heater, which happened to have a sealed combustion chamber. (It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds!) He saved some $130 by taking the initiative to research and do the work himself.

A $10 piece could save you thousands

Next time you’re out of town, you don’t want to have to worry about your washing machine hose rupturing and spraying water all over your home. If that happens, you could sustain hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage should the situation go unchecked for a few days.

The solution? Ditch the rubber washing machine hoses and go with braided metallic flexible hoses. This job is easy to do yourself after watching a YouTube tutorial. Steel braided hoses typically cost around $10 a piece at any hardware store.

This $4 fix can save you a $100 home visit

If your toilet handle jiggles, chances are you need to replace the flap valve. Again, YouTube tutorials come to the rescue if you’re DIY challenged! The part costs around $4 and it will prevent you from having to call a plumber who might charge $100 to walk through your door.

Things your plumber won't tell you that could save you big bucksDon’t put these foods down your garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is a hard-working yet often overlooked component of many kitchens. This device handles just about everything we toss its way — until you put the wrong thing down the drain!

Your best bet is to treat your garbage disposal right so it won’t break down in the first place. Never put these 16 foods down your garbage disposal.


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When all else fails, an Allen wrench may be your garbage disposal’s best friend

Garbage disposals often come with an Allen wrench. Keep it under the sink so it’s handy when your disposal jams. Then follow the directions in the owner’s manual and you won’t need a plumber to come out!

Don’t just save money on plumbers — make money as one yourself!

File this one under ‘ways to make money.’ College may not be for everybody. For some people, pursuing a trade or technical training is a better fit. Did you know some plumbers make $117,000 on average in their first year out of an apprenticeship program? That’s according to CNN Money in an article titled ‘The $100,000 job: Be an apprentice.’

Make the necessary winter preparations to avoid a costly spring visit

Before we hit the freezing weather, be sure to turn off your outside faucets and disconnect the outside hoses. Then shut the water off from the inside, turn your outside faucet on and let the remaining water drain out. This will avoid a $100 or $200 repair in the spring!

Know the busiest day of the week

This one’s more of a time saver than anything else: Monday tends to be among the busiest days in the plumbing industry because that’s when people call up to get the DIY handiwork they botched over the weekend fixed!

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