Test drive a home before you buy


TRANSCRIPT: Spring home selling season is just about under way, and there are some new strategies that you’re going to experience if you’re out buying homes that a seller is using to sell his or her home. The story is that now your smart phone can marry with a house as you drive by, and if you’re carrying the right app on your smart phone and the home seller is using the technology, you’ll get a full description of the home. Instantly, just magically appearing on your phone with pictures, video, you name it. Your ability from the curb to have a look see inside a home has never been more thorough.

But there’s a high tech thing that’s going on this spring that I love. It’s where you get to test-sleep a home. It’s popping up just in a few communities around the country so far, but I think this is an idea that will catch on, where when you’re thinking of spending the most money of anything you ever spend in your life. Why not have a chance to spend the weekend there and test it out. I know it sounds crazy, but you’re more likely to buy a home that you’ve had a chance to experience. I’m Clark Howard.

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