This is the ugliest color in the world, according to experts


If you’re thinking about painting a room in your house a new color, you may want to stay away from the one experts are calling the ugliest color in the world. 

Experts name ‘ugliest’ color in the world

Pantone 448 C, or opaque couché, was deemed the world’s ugliest color after a team of Australian researchers surveyed approximately 1,000 smokers over seven separate studies in 2012, The Huffington Post reported. Respondents described the ‘sewage-tinted’ color as ‘dirty’ and ‘without any positive adjectives,’ market researcher Victoria Parr told the Brisbane Times. The color was also said to ‘minimize appeal’ and ‘maximize perceived harm.’

The green-tinged brown color is so unliked that GfK, the agency that conducted the surveys, suggested the Australian government use it to dissuade people from smoking.

Now, graphic health warnings are displayed on the packaging of tobacco products with backgrounds containing the ugly color in countries within the United Kingdom and France and Ireland, Time reported.

In December, Pantone announced rose quartz and serenity as the 2016 colors of the year.

Read more at the Brisbane Times.

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