Slobproof offers paint pen to make touch-ups easy


When you’re a homeowner, it seems like your walls are always needing a touch-up as the paint chips or gets scuffed. Especially if you have kids!

But you know how it goes trying to do the touch-up. You have to find the paint can and hope it’s not dried out. If it is, you have to go to the store and try to match up the right color. It’s not always a smooth process.

So know there’s a new paint pen product from a company called that I read about in Real Simple magazine. When you’re done painting, you simply fill the pen with some of your leftover paint for future touch-ups.

The pens are sold in a two-pack for $10, and they look like a cross between a syringe and writing utensil.

The best thing is when you need it, the paint’s not dried out, it’s right in there, you touch-up and it’s done. $10 may be a little pricey for the device. But it’s cheaper than going to the store and going through that hassle!

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