Go old-school to save money on yard maintenance!


Spring is here and it’s time to bust out the lawn mower and start tooling around the yard again.

Kudos if you do your own yard work. You’re saving yourself about $50 a month. That’s the average cost of monthly lawn care — mowing, edging, weeding, clean up and more — for about one to two acres of property, according to Angie’s List.

But if you want to save even more, what about ditching the gas-engine mower and getting a traditional push mower (aka reel mower)?

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Your grandpa’s mower still holds up today!

Now, let’s be upfront about this: This tip doesn’t work for everybody because maybe you have too much lawn to care for.

Yet if it does work for you, it could save you big bucks over a lifetime.

I have a small yard that’s fairly level, so I’m happy to use a push mower to maintain it. I use a Great States 16-inch reel mower that I got through Walmart.com for less than $100 on sale.

My mower is now going into its third season of weekly spring/summer use and I’ve never even had to sharpen the blades yet. Though I should probably get around to that sometime…

So think about it: If a reel push mower works in your life, you never have to buy gas again for your lawnmower and you get exercise pushing this thing around the yard.

Saving money and getting in better shape? That makes it a real twofer!


See how a reel mower works in the video below…

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Could this old-fashioned mower save you money?

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