Protect your home while you are away


Looks great being on vacation, right? Well one thing that’s not great: Don’t post pictures on social media during your vacation. The reason? It’s become a key tool for burglars knowing when to break into your home. How about that?

In fact one insurer is now denying claims for home break-ins when they discover that you have posted about being on your trip while you’re on your trip. So don’t do it.

Here’s a couple other things. If you still receive a newspaper, and some people still do, make sure you stop delivery while you’re away and arrange for a friend or a family member to pick up your mail. And use those automatic timer lights so that it looks to an outsider like someone’s home, so a burglar doesn’t seize on a crime of opportunity.

And speaking of crimes of opportunity, before you go on a trip, go around and check to make sure every single door and window in your house is locked and your car doors are too. Don’t make it easy for that burglar. I’m Clark Howard.

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