10 cities where you can buy a home for $800 a month


After nearly bottoming out about a decade ago, home prices are again on the upswing around the United States. Attesting to the heat of the real estate market, structures that were affordable just five years ago in many places are out of reach for a lot of people today.

The trend could cause some to assume that buying a home with an affordable mortgage is just a dream, but that’s not the case. There are still many locales around the nation with low housing costs.

10 cities where you can find a home for less than $800 a month

To be fair, it bears pointing out that many of the cities where you can find cheaper houses have sluggish economic growth and low wages, according to GoBankingRates.com. The finance site recently looked at 20 cities where you could buy for $1,000 a month, including relatively thriving cities like Jacksonville, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

But there are multiple cities where you could shave $200 a month off that figure and still get into a decent home.

The numbers were arrived at by calculating Zillow data on the average mortgage rate (all about 4.3%) and monthly mortgage payments with the assumption of a 20% down payment.

Here are 10 cities around the United States where you can get a mortgage for $800 or less along with the forecast increase in average value over the course of the next year, according to GoBankingRates.com:

10. Wichita, Kansas

Monthly mortgage payment: $746

1-year forecast: 3.7%

9. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Monthly mortgage payment: $789

1-year forecast: 3.2%


8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Monthly mortgage payment: $595

1-year forecast: 4.1%

7. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Monthly mortgage payment: $887

1-year forecast: 2.3%

6. El Paso, Texas

Monthly mortgage payment: $806

1-year forecast: 2.1%

5. Buffalo, New York

Monthly mortgage payment: $428

1-year forecast: 4.3%

4. Cleveland, Ohio

Monthly mortgage payment: $380

1-year forecast: 4.1%


3. Baltimore, Maryland

Monthly mortgage payment: $695

1-year forecast: 2.2%

2. Memphis, Tennessee

Monthly mortgage payment: $403

1-year forecast: 3.4%

1. Toledo, Ohio

Monthly mortgage payment: $382

1-year forecast: 2.3%

What makes a person want to buy a particular home? Research tells us many factors, like schools, proximity to the workplace and the like are involved. But in many cases, especially when it comes to young adults, it could even be Instagram.

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