Lumber Liquidators to pay $36M to settle lawsuits over toxic flooring


Lumber Liquidators has agreed to pay $36 million to settle two class-action lawsuits that accused the company of selling flooring with dangerous levels of toxins between 2009 and mid-2015.

The largest specialty retailer of hardwood flooring in North America was taken to task during a 60 Minutes expose in 2015 for selling Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring that contained close to 20 times the amount of formaldehyde allowable by law.

A known carcinogen, formaldehyde is present in glues used in the manufacturing of flooring.

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Hardwood flooring giant pays up over toxic products

Lumber Liquidators has agreed to pay $22 million in cash and offer $14 million in store-credit vouchers to settle all claims.

“[We] welcome [this] as an important step toward resolving this legacy issue and moving forward,” Dennis Knowles, CEO of Lumber Liquidators, said in a statement.

This agreement, which still has to be approved by a judge, “does not constitute an admission by the Company of any fault or liability.”

But toxicity wasn’t the only thing wrong when it came to this flooring.

There’s more to the story…

A subsequent Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation revealed the flooring also contained wood that had been illegally harvested from protected forests in the Russian Far East, according to the Consumerist.

Meanwhile, Lumber Liquidators continues to offer free air quality test kits for anyone who purchased Chinese-sourced laminate products from them between February 2012 and May 2015.


If elevated levels of formaldehyde emissions are found in your flooring, the company will work to reduce those levels and improve the indoor air quality at no cost to you.

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