KeyMe Review: The DIY Way to Copy Your Keys

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Are you afraid of getting locked out of your house or car and having to hire an expensive locksmith? There’s a company that wants to give you a cheaper option in case of an emergency.

KeyMe wants to make key duplication near you easily accessible — even if you don’t have your key with you!

I tested the KeyMe app and key copying service to see if it’s worth your time and money. In this article, I’ll cover how KeyMe works and review my experience using this service.

What Is KeyMe?

KeyMe offers kiosk key copy and locksmith services to help you when you’ve been locked out. These services may seem pretty simple, but their app is what makes KeyMe truly unique.

When you create a profile in the KeyMe app, you can store scans of your keys that you make at a KeyMe kiosk.

keyme home

How Does KeyMe Work?

KeyMe works by physically scanning your key at a kiosk. Then, you can choose whether to have a copy made or store the scan.

If you plan to store key scans for future use, go ahead and download the KeyMe app to your device and create a profile before you follow the rest of the steps.

There are six steps you’ll need to follow to duplicate your key and store your scans with KeyMe.

1. Find a KeyMe Kiosk 

KeyMe kiosks can be found all over the United States. To find one in your area, go to or click on the kiosk tab in the KeyMe app.


kiosk location

From the map, I chose a convenient KeyMe kiosk at a nearby grocery store.

When I arrived at the store, I did not see the KeyMe kiosk at the entrance or around the customer service desk where there were other kiosks. When I went out through the other entrance/exit I found the KeyMe kiosk next to the shopping carts.

keyme location

2. Log In to Your Account on the Kiosk

If you plan to store scans of your key so that you can make a copy later, you must log in to your KeyMe profile on the kiosk. That way, you’ll be able to access the scan and order a key from any device when you log in.

You can use the kiosk to duplicate a key on the spot without logging in to an account, but you won’t be able to store scans for future use.

3. Choose Your Key Type

You can choose from standard, specialty or vehicle keys to copy at any KeyMe kiosk.

The difference between a standard and specialty key is that a specialty key may have an unusual shape or be thicker than a standard key.

keyme keys

At certain locations, you can also scan RFID badges to make copies as well.

To filter locations where you can make an RFID badge, go to the kiosk tab in the app, click “Filter” in the upper left-hand corner and check the box next to “RFID Scanning Available.”


4. Insert Your Key

Once you’ve selected your key type, just insert your key, teeth up, into the slot and hold it there until the kiosk finishes scanning it.

keyme kiosk

5. Store Your Key Scan

Once your scan is complete, you’ll be able to store your key scan without making a purchase if you’re logged in on the kiosk.

You can also rename any key so that you can keep different scans straight. You’re able to rename them on any device where you’re logged in to your KeyMe account.

rename keyme

6. Place Your Order

This step is optional, but you can copy your key right away! You’ll be able to get a standard key made in just a few minutes.

Specialty keys, vehicle fobs and RFID badges must be ordered, but they will be shipped directly to the address of your choosing in three to five days.

Once you store a scan, you can order it at any time from your KeyMe account to be shipped to you.

If you place an order at the kiosk, you can also choose to set up your fingerprint as a security measure for your account, but it is not required.

And just to be clear, I was able to scan and store my key for free. I only had to pay when I copied the keys.


How Long Does KeyMe Take?

The entire process took me about 15 minutes, including the amount of time it took me to log in, scan my key, save my scan and for the machine to cut three keys.

I didn’t have any issues, but KeyMe does list their customer service phone number on their kiosk as well as on their website if your keys don’t work or if you have a negative experience.

You can reach KeyMe customer service representatives by phone at 855-343-5776 or by email at [email protected].

Is KeyMe Safe to Use?

There have been security concerns raised by journalists at Forbes and the New York Times. When you use any service where you provide personal information, there is an amount of risk that you assume.

KeyMe states on their FAQ page that they use “commercial-grade security” and that the company does “not store any personally identifiable information other than an email address and password.”

My KeyMe Review

Overall, I had a positive experience with the KeyMe app and kiosk. I had a little trouble finding the kiosk location in the store because I went in through a different door, but I still found the kiosk in a couple of minutes.

The app and kiosk work well together. You can see your keys in the app almost as soon as you scan them on the kiosk.

I printed three standard keys that cost about $7 each, and they all work like a charm.

If you need a standard key but don’t have a KeyMe kiosk near you, minuteKEY is another good option. I’ve also used minuteKEY and the copy that the kiosk made works perfectly.

The big difference is that minuteKEY does not have the scanning and storing features that KeyMe offers.


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