Green homes fetch more money at resale


Homeowners who have “green homes” can command 9% more in offers when it’s time to resell, according to a new study out of UCLA.

The Los Angeles Times  reports the study looked at sales of more than 1 million homes in California between 2007 and 2012 to determine the finding. Researchers also noted that green homes tended to fetch more from buyers in zip codes where there was a heavy preponderance of hybrid car registrations, something they’re calling the Prius effect.

I’ve been obsessed with energy saving for the longest time. We have a vacation place at the beach in Florida that is a net zero energy home. We’ve done the CFLs, putting in an efficient HVAC, and even a solar system.

Over the course of a year, we sell more power than we buy from the power company in Florida. So we have no utility bills. And that’s saying something because even though we’re not there all the time, we have to run the AC all year round otherwise we’ll have mold growing in the high humidity climate.

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