2 hidden dangers of your dishwasher—and 1 way to save water, money and time!


Your dishwasher is going to be working overtime this coming holiday season. No doubt it will be a godsend to anyone who’s having the family over for Thanksgiving and has to contend with all those dirty dishes, pots and pans!

But beware, the next time you turn the dishwasher on and leave the house, there’s a hidden danger that could be waiting to happen…

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Fire risk from your control board and wire nuts

The Texas Department of Insurance says there have been 160 dishwasher fires since 2011 in the Lone Star State. Collectively, they’ve caused nearly $1.5 million in damage and been responsible for two deaths.

What was the common denominator in all those fires? Two things actually.

First, there’s the control board. That touch pad can overheat and then melt and catch on fire, which accounts for the lion’s share of fire risk with your dishwasher.

The second factor is much more stealth. It has to do with the size of the wire nuts, Mike Corrigan of ABC Home & Commercial Services told CBS Austin.

Incorrect sizing means the wires inside can pose a fire hazard. To avoid this risk, Corrigan says make sure your dishwasher (or any appliance, really) is properly installed when it’s time for a new one.

Keep an eye out for recalls too. You never want to use your dishwasher if it poses a safety hazard.

Don’t put these foods down your garbage disposal

In addition to the dishwasher, the garbage disposal is another hard-working yet often overlooked component of many kitchens. This device handles just about everything we toss its way — until you put the wrong thing down the drain!


Your best bet is to treat your garbage disposal right so it won’t break down in the first place.

Never put these 16 foods down your garbage disposal.

Best cycle to run your dishwasher on

Here’s how to save water, money and time—and still get the best wash!

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