Cheap self-install digital security camera


Looking for a quality self-install digital security camera? There’s a new leader in the industry that’s been selling like gangbusters.

The DropCam retails for $149. This camera shoots in hi-def and provides free live feeds via an app for smartphone, some tablets, and on the web. You can also pay an additional monthly fee $10 for DVR capability if you’re a small business that wants to have tape to review from your workplace.

If you travel for work and an alarm is tripped at your home, you can look in on the security camera and see what’s going on real time. If you live alone, it will send an activity alert if it senses motion or sound. And it has 2-way audio so you can voice-threaten an intruder. This thing even shoots in the dark!

Of course, I have a cheaper option on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, which is about the size of a normal Android tablet, but it is a phone. Samsung sells its own camera system for $98 that I have fully integrated into my Galaxy Mega.

And on the topic of home security systems, don’t forget about, which is a self-install system with $15 a month monitoring!

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