This woman gave her kitchen a whole new look for just $375!


If you dream about a brand new kitchen but a $20,000 remodel isn’t in your budget, here’s some inspiration!

Devin Tomb, editor at, wrote that she felt like she was staring at a “brown blob” every time she cooked in her apartment kitchen, which had greasy old cabinets.

$375 apartment kitchen makeover

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After getting permission from her landlord, one weekend Tomb hit the hardware store with her boyfriend for supplies.

She spent $375 on the kitchen refresh. The majority of her budget went to paint (and necessary tools) for the cabinets and walls. Tomb also picked up door knobs and drawer pulls for a more finished look.

Here’s a picture of the incredible result that she put on Instagram. See the “before” here.

On, Tomb shared a few tips and tricks that could make your next painting project go a lot smoother. Here are three examples:

  1. Use a brush for the corners and fill in the rest with a sponge roller
  2. Prepare surfaces properly by applying blue painter’s tape
  3. Use a trash bag as a paint tray liner for easy cleanup

Tomb’s kitchen makeover reminded us of a woman named Eliza who renovated her apartment kitchen for just over $100 by purchasing supplies on sale.


She managed to paint the walls and cabinets, plus lay down new flooring for that super-low price.

Image Credit: Imgur/ElizaB

It’s clear that a coat of good paint can make a huge difference! Tomb used Benjamin Moore and Eliza bought Sherwin-Williams, both top-rated brands.

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