This kitchen makeover only cost $100


If your kitchen could use a facelift but you don’t think you have the money to do it, this may be the inspiration that you’ve been waiting for!

A woman named Eliza said she gave her kitchen a much-needed makeover for just about $100.

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Here’s what a $100 kitchen remodel looks like

In a post that has gone viral on Imgur, Eliza said she put up with this yellow, sticky, sad and dirty kitchen for two years before deciding to take action, even though she is renting the place.

Here’s a closer look at how the kitchen looked as the renovation was just beginning:

This renter’s $100 kitchen makeover is going viral

After a thorough cleaning, Eliza spent two weekends brightening up her kitchen by painting her walls and cabinets, and laying down new flooring in a herringbone pattern.

  • Wall paint: Sherwin-Williams, Waterscape
  • Cabinet paint: Sherwin-Williams, Snowbound
  • Flooring: Lowe’s Style Selections, Woodland Oak

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • Paint: $15/gallon (sale item)
  • Floor: $.98/square foot
  • Baseboards and quarter round: $8 (sale item)
  • Caulk: $3

This $100 kitchen makeover is going viral

As you can see from one of the pictures that Eliza was happy to share with, she didn’t use a lot of fancy equipment for this project.

For instance, that’s a rolling pin — not a floor roller.


This renter’s $100 kitchen makeover is going viral

Eliza admits that she didn’t ask her landlord for permission before going ahead with the renovation, but she said she isn’t too concerned about losing her security deposit.

Although it’s not perfect, she said her new kitchen is a huge improvement!

This renter’s $100 kitchen makeover is going viral

Ever since her story went viral, people have asked for other DIY tutorials from Eliza, and she has just started her own website to share more of her budget-friendly hacks in the future.

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