E-cigarettes offer better chance to quit smoking


Trying to kick the smoking habit? You might want to skip the nicotine patch and try e-cigarettes.

A study from New Zealand published in Lancet, a leading medical journal, finds that e-cigarettes are 50% more effective than the patch when you’re looking to quit smoking.

That corroborates evidence I reported just weeks ago from the PLOS (Public Library of Science) that found people given e-cigarettes over a 2-year period were able to kick the traditional cigarette habit at a pretty decent rate.

In the PLOS study, three quarters of people who quit with e-cigarettes not only weren’t smoking, they weren’t using the e-cigarettes at all! And if they did have an e-cigarette, they didn’t relapse to traditional cigarettes.

I managed to quit smoking two packs a day back in the 1970s by using my own unique aversion strategy. Whenever I wanted a cigarette, I would smoke a giant cigar. Within a few days, I no longer had any cravings at all!

The truth is smoking is addictive and hard to give up. Both the Lancet study and the PLOS study shows e-cigarettes may offer one possible way to get the job done.

For those who don’t know, e-cigarettes are really just nicotine delivery systems. There’s liquid nicotine in them that is vaporized by a heating element when you turn the e-cigarette on.

Meanwhile, some people who’ve quit smoking after being heavily addicted report having a lot of success using a book called Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. Check it out and see if it helps you.

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