Targeted therapies will change how we receive medication


We are on the cusp of exciting developments in how illnesses are treated. Months ago, I talked about something that generated a lot of feedback from callers: Administering medications topically with a patch to deliver them more closely to where the problem is on the body.

The Boston Globe now has a follow-up report that says this kind of approach is finding success among cancer patients who would otherwise have to undergo extremely painful treatments that ravage their whole bodies, rather than targeting the area of disease.

So many illnesses have scientists and doctors working on new delivery methods that eliminate some toxic side effects. For example, there are breakthroughs in the treatment of certain eye diseases with this technology because it allows for steady timed release of medication.

Here’s another angle I never thought of before reading the report in the Globe: Whenever I have to take meds several times a day for more than one a day, I have never completed a routine as scheduled. I flake out and forget to take pills. Well, with the timed release aspect, this makes it happen for you. It’s very exciting stuff.

Targeted therapies coming for variety of illnesses will change so much about how we receive medical care. This is not pie in the sky stuff coming in 2020 or 2030. We will have it throughout the rest of this decade.  

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