Popular soy nut butter brand expands recall to all of its products, including granola


Just days after a recall was issued for I.M. Healthy brand soy nut butter — that has been linked to E. coli infections — the company is now expanding the recall to include all of its products.

Soy nut butter is a popular alternative to peanut butter for people who have allergies, as well as for schools that have become ‘peanut free’ due to students’ allergies.

Details about the recall

The first recall was issued after 12 people were hospitalized after being infected with E. coli, including four individuals who have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a potentially fatal form of kidney failure. HUS is caused by a complication with an E. coli infection, and it’s most common in children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems.

In the latest update, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 16 illnesses, including 14 under the age of 18, have been linked to the nut butter

Two additional people have been hospitalized and another person has developed HUS.

According to the CDC, ‘On March 7, 2017, The SoyNut Butter Company recalled all varieties of I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butters and all varieties of I.M. Healthy Granola products.’

Symptoms of an E. coli infection can include stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and a low-grade fever.

You can see more details on the recalled products on the FDA’s website.

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