Use this simple trick to stop overeating (and spend less on food)


If you find yourself reaching for seconds even after you’re full, then you might want to know about a simple way to stop overeating.

What’s the secret? Apparently, just eat with your non-dominant hand!

Eat less by using your non-dominant hand

Brandon Nguyen, author and co-founder of the lifestyle website ChillPill, posted the tip in a thread on Quora ‘ and it’s taken off.

So, if you’re right-handed, he suggests eating with your left hand for your next meal.

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Nguyen explains that the technique slows down your pace of eating, giving your stomach a chance to let your brain know when you’re full. According to one study, using a non-dominant hand reduced food intake by 30%.

If you’re afraid that you might look like a toddler while eating with your non-dominant hand, start with just one meal a day.

Here are 10 other tricks that might help you with portion control:

  1. Don’t eat in front of any screen (TV, computer, smartphone)
  2. Eat on smaller plates
  3. Cook smaller portions to eliminate temptation
  4. Sit down at a table to eat
  5. Cut up your food
  6. Chew your food thoroughly
  7. Put leftovers away before you eat
  8. Brush your teeth or chew gum after eating
  9. Set silverware down after every bite
  10. Use a tall, thin glass to cut down on drinking

And if you don’t weigh yourself on a scale every day, you’ll want to read why Clark does ‘ and says it totally works!

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