Should healthy food be mandated?


Clark had to roll his eyes after hearing about yet another jurisdiction in the U.S is trying to ban Happy Meals. He’s fed up with people trying to dictate what we choose to eat, or feed our children.

He is all in favor of being  informed of the nutritional values in food. But when it comes to what we purchase, Clark thinks we should be allowed to make those kinds of decisions for ourselves.

Years ago, Applebee’s launched a “diet” menu. No one seemed to be buying it at first. But suddenly, almost 10% of their sales is off their healthy menu. Restaurants all over are offering better and better choices. And after years of worsening diets, it appears Americans are beginning to make better choices for themselves.

That goes for Clark too. Five years ago, he was the self-proclaimed poster child for unhealthy eaters. But step by step, he’s choosing to change his diet for the better. Chicken over steak. Fruit over fries.

The key word here is “choice.” It should be our own health goals that motivate us to eat better–not the government!

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