Shorter sessions of exercise may be better


With the Olympics in full swing, we’re seeing a surge of people inspired by the athletes to get fit. Unfortunately, the Olympic glow wears off soon and too many of us are back to our sedentary ways. But there is hope.

Researchers from Arizona State University found that women actually do better with short-cycle exercise. The benefits for those with early signs of high blood pressure were particularly noted.

According to researchers, the optimal exercise pattern for women was something like a moderate 10-minute walk three times a day instead of one intense session of 30 minutes.

What about kids? A separate study finds that children who are on the edge of obesity actually benefit from as little as five minutes of daily physical activity. Amazingly, the benefit of five minutes of exercise was equal to that of longer exercise sessions!

Meanwhile, other studies found little bits of exercise during the day have great benefits for weight control in women.

Why are the guys ignored in all these studies?!

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