Roll your own cigarette shops offer savings on smoking


All over the country, roll your own cigarette shops are opening that allow you to buy cigarettes at a fraction of the usual cost, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The idea is simple: You go in and buy tobacco in bulk. Then you essentially rent time on a machine that rolls your cigarettes.

Pop in your tobacco up on the top, and out of the bottom comes rolled cigarettes, just like the kind you’d buy from a name brand company. But the difference is you’ll typically pay half the price you would for a normal carton.

Having said that, I’m also ecstatic that those graphic cigarette labels the big tobacco companies were trying to ban have been deemed constitutional by an appellate court. That’s great news and my hope is that they see the light of day and spur people to quit smoking.

So here I am, one side of me is all about the free market to get cheaper cigarettes, and the other side of me is all about the graphic labels to discourage smoking. I am a contradiction, aren’t I?

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