7 Things to Know Before You Use RxSaver

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We all know paying for medication can be a budget buster. RxSaver by RetailMeNot can help you save up to 85% on some prescriptions, and it lets you choose your pharmacy.

Here’s What You Need to Know About RxSaver

RxSaver, formerly known as LowestMed.com, is a free discount prescription finder that can help you save money on medications no matter where you shop. You may have heard of GoodRx;  RxSaver is similar.

In this article, I’ll share seven things you need to know before you use RxSaver.

Table of Contents

  1. How Does RxSaver Work?
  2. Which Pharmacies Participate With RxSaver?
  3. How Do I Join RxSaver?
  4. How Much Can You Really Save With RxSaver?
  5. Can RxSaver Be Combined With Insurance?
  6. Is RxSaver Just for Generic Drugs?
  7. What Is the Rx Advocacy Program?

1. How Does RxSaver Work?

RxSaver is a website and mobile app that makes comparison shopping for medication simple. Just enter the name and dosage of your medication along with your ZIP code, and RxSaver will display a list of current prices at pharmacies in your area.

This free service saves you the time of making multiple calls or visits to nearby pharmacies to ask about pricing. And it offers coupons to lower the cost of your prescriptions.

Also, RxSaver is a service that you can use whether you have health insurance or not.

Once RxSaver tells you what prices are available for your medication, you just select the best price. Then there are two ways to redeem your savings:

  1. Print out a coupon for the price you see and take it to the pharmacy
  2. Show the coupon on your phone to pharmacy staff

You can also print out a physical discount card from the RxSaver website or ask for a laminated version to be mailed to you. You may even find one in a mailing that comes to your home:

RxSaver pharmacy savings card
RxSaver pharmacy savings card from targeted mailer

2. Which Pharmacies Participate With RxSaver?

The coupons from RxSaver are widely accepted at a variety of national pharmacy chains and supermarket pharmacies including but not limited to:

When you search for any medication on RxSaver, you’re automatically shown a list of preferred pharmacies like those listed above. However, other pharmacies may accept the service’s coupons at their discretion.


If there’s an independent pharmacy you’re partial to using, it’s best to call and ask what its policy is.

3. How Do I Join RxSaver?

No enrollment or registration is required. That means you don’t have to disclose your email, phone number, Facebook account or any other personal information to get the savings.

All you need to do is search the website or app for your prescription medication and save money!

(Editor’s note: RxSaver does offer a patient advocacy program for a monthly fee, and it requires registration. More on that later.)

4. How Much Can You Really Save With RxSaver?

RxSaver says it can save consumers up to 85% off prescription drug prices. However, when you read the fine print on the website, you see this statement:

“On average, fourteen percent of RxSaver by RetailMeNot prescription purchases receive savings of 85% or more.”

There’s no doubt this service will save you money. But will it save you up to 85% each and every time you use it? Probably not.

To find out the real deal, I compared prices for common medications at three popular pharmacies — Kroger, Walmart and Costco — using both RxSaver and its competitor, GoodRx, in June 2019. Here’s what I discovered:

MedicationRxSaver priceGoodRx price
Lipitor, 40 mg, 30 tablets
  • Kroger: $6.04
  • Walmart: $9.00
  • Costco: $9.70
  • Kroger: $5.89
  • Walmart: $9.00
  • Costco: $8.25
Synthroid, 50 mcg, 90 tablets
  • Kroger: $33.40
  • Walmart: $10.00
  • Costco: $38.53
  • Kroger: $12.00
  • Walmart: $10.00
  • Costco: $23.30
Lisinopril, 20 mg, 90 tablets
  • Kroger: $9.56
  • Walmart: $10.00
  • Costco: $9.31
  • Kroger: FREE with $36/year subscription
  • Walmart: $10.00
  • Costco: $10.81
Fluticasone Propionate, 50 mcg, 1 aerator
  • Kroger: $11.32
  • Walmart: $13.00
  • Costco: $11.30
  • Kroger: $6.00 with $36/year subscription
  • Walmart: $14.00
  • Costco: $12.80
Prednisone, 20 mg, 10 tablets
  • Kroger: $3.08
  • Walmart: $4.28
  • Costco: $7.09
  • Kroger: $3.00 with $36/year subscription
  • Walmart: $4.14
  • Costco: $5.60

As mentioned earlier, RxSaver shows only its preferred pharmacies when you search a medication. You have to click a “see more” button to see other pharmacies.

Unfortunately, that means you may miss out on some free medication programs at your local supermarket pharmacy that could eliminate the cost of your prescription altogether.

In our test, GoodRx did an excellent job highlighting these medications that are free or cheap at supermarket pharmacies, while RxSaver didn’t steer us to the free options.


5. Can RxSaver Be Combined With Insurance?

RxSaver cannot be stacked on top of your insurance coverage. Either you use your insurance or you use RxSaver — but not both. However, the service will often show you prices that are lower than the cost you can get through your insurer.

Once you know what you’ll be paying with the RxSaver discount coupon, the service advises that you get your pharmacy to double-check your insurance price:

Always [compare] your health insurance price against what is displayed by RxSaver, especially if you have a high deductible plan or if your drug is not on your insurance drug formulary list. Simply ask the pharmacist to check the price using your insurance and the discount codes to see which one is best for your purchase.

6. Is RxSaver Just for Generic Drugs?

No, RxSaver also offers discounts on brand-name medications, too. However, the website and app are both set up to show the prices for generic drugs first.

There’s a tab on the price results page that allows you to flip back and forth between generic and brand-name medications.

rxsaver lipitor
Lipitor price comparison on RxSaver website – Choose generic or brand drugs

7. What Is the Rx Advocacy Program?

The RxAdvocacy Program is a prescription assistance program offered by RxSaver that promises to save thousands of dollars on high-cost maintenance drugs. However, there is a monthly fee of $50 and you must sign up for this service, unlike RxSaver which is free to use and requires no registration.

The registration process begins with a phone call to 1-855-569-6337. You’ll be asked basic questions about yourself, your household and your insurance status. (The program is open to people with and without insurance.)

Within 48 hours, you’ll get a phone call to confirm your admission into this program. You can then arrange to get your meds in one of three ways:

  • Shipped directly to you
  • Shipped to your local pharmacy
  • Shipped to your doctor’s office

This is not just a one-time offer of a discount; this is an ongoing program for continuous delivery of life-saving maintenance medications.

Best of all, there are no real barriers to entry: You can sign up for RxAdvocacy regardless of your income, age and insurance status, so long as you keep paying the $50 monthly fee.

Here are some of the most common medications offered through the RxAdvocacy Program:

DiabetesLantus Solostar, Novolog, Levemir
AsthmaSymbicort, Spiriva, Advair
High cholesterolCrestor
Thyroid disordersSynthroid
Nerve painLyrica

Final Thought

RxSaver is a tool you can add to your arsenal to combat the high cost of prescription medication.

It’s easy to understand and easy to use. However, the service did often miss free and cheap prescription options that are common at several supermarket pharmacies.

That said, any time you get a new prescription, it’s best to shop it on both RxSaver and GoodRx to compare prices.

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