Quell uses smart tech to offer drug-free relief of chronic pain


Are you among the 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain? Quell is a new wearable device that can hack your central nervous system to turn off the repeat pain signals being sent to your brain, which will give you some relief!

A new solution for pain that just won’t quit

Quell uses smart tech to offer drug-free relief of chronic painQuell uses a new type of therapy called wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) to do what seems like magic but really isn’t.

Here’s how it works: You wear the Quell device on your upper calf where there are a lot of sensory nerves. Contained in the band is an electrode that sends gentle neural pulses up to the brain triggering the release of the body’s natural opiates. Those opiates then go into the spine where they block pain signals in the body.

The device has FDA approval for 24/7 treatment of chronic pain, including back pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain and leg and foot pain. You’re even supposed to wear Quell while you sleep.

‘It feels like a slight tingling sensation, almost like white noise,’ a spokeswoman told Team Clark about the experience of wearing Quell. ‘You can wear it at night and still sleep. It’s non-disruptive.’

With a companion app, you can also track your therapy and the quality of your sleep. In addition, you can start and stop therapy directly from your phone, or increase or decrease the intensity. How cool is that?

The price point for Quell is $249. Devices started shipping in June.

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