Don’t make this big mistake when you’re shopping your prescriptions

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The power of the Internet makes shopping for the best prices on prescriptions so easy.

But before you turn to your phone or computer looking for a cheaper price, we’ve got a warning to share that comes directly from a pharmacist’s mouth!

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Heed this important health warning regarding your prescriptions

Money expert Clark Howard recently took a question from a caller on his radio show and podcast about how to lower the cost of a medication.

Well, another listener wanted to weigh in on what Clark said with this important addendum:

Just wanted to add-on important info to a caller who advised shopping around for pharmacies to get the best prices.

While I understand shopping to save money, please be aware that when you don’t use the same pharmacy, a pharmacist can’t catch potentially fatal drug interactions. It’s really important to make sure a pharmacist has a list of all current medications to avoid any problems.

Thank you! *pharmacist for 10 years

Adverse drug reactions are no joke. Recent research suggests more than 67,000 people reported instances of medication errors to Poison Control Centers in the United States from 2000 through 2012.

And the older you get, the more dangerous this becomes. Another body of research found that people aged 65 and older were twice as likely to be hospitalized as a result of adverse drug reactions than younger folks.

So this is a definite caveat to keep in mind if you’re using apps and websites like GoodRx or RetailMeNot Rx Saver to find the least expensive price on a prescription near you.

Remember, the beautiful thing about “Team Clark” is that we’re all members; if you have advice to share that you feel could help your fellow listener or reader, write in with a comment below.

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