What will happen to me on Medicare under Obamacare?


Affordable Health Care Act:  What Will Happen to You on Medicare?

If you have Medicare, the truth is Obamacare brings no change for you.

Many people have been worried they would lose their current benefits or have to pay more. I will admit there are unknowns with where premiums will go over time. But for senior citizens today, you will buy Medicare as you have; you will continue to have the coverage you already have; and your premiums will only adjust based on regular Medicare increases for the foreseeable future.

The truth about Medicare and Obamacare…

Meanwhile, if you or a loved one is on Medicare, it can be a real task trying to figure out which plan offers the cheapest prescription costs. The cost of the plan you choose varies based on the medications you need. But how can you determine which plan is best for your individual situation? You can spend hours going around in circles on the official Medicare site trying to do that simple task.

That’s why I want to tell you about a new nonprofit site called MedicareDrugSavings.org. This site is a labor of love started by an Atlanta-based internist named Dr. Cohen. He grew frustrated when he saw his patients struggle with medication costs and that was the start of MedicareDrugSavings.org.

The site has a helpful YouTube video you can watch to get started. The video walks you through the process of saving money, step by step. While the website isn’t anything fancy to look at, all the information is conveyed in simple English!

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