No health insurance? Try a daily deal site


People are turning to daily deal sites for select medical procedures in the absence of health care coverage.

I’ve talked in the past about how dentists are offering deals and becoming more negotiable in an effort to build traffic. Too many people are neglecting dental care when they don’t have enough money after losing a job or having hours cut at work.

Now I’ve read how Groupon, Living Social and their various imitators are one possible new source for finding deals on a variety of dental, eye care and medical care services.

Let me make this perfectly clear: This is not a replacement for insurance. But let’s say historically you’ve gone for teeth cleanings twice a year, and now you can’t recall the last one because of the tough economy. If you can score a deal, I say take it.

How do you know if you will get quality care from a particular doctor on a daily deal site? Check sites like and that post general consumer reviews, and ones that are dedicated to medical reviews exclusively like

Again, this is no substitute for having health insurance. When you get back to a job you’re happy with again, that’s when you want to do what you can to get health insurance, if you can qualify.

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