New juicing craze takes over American kitchens


Sales of juicers are up by 71% year over year, but is this health craze the solution for a healthier you?

Almost every weekend at Costco, somebody is set up with a little headset mic touting some kind of miracle juicing machine. I don’t know what Costco sells these machines for, but they typically run $400 or $500 at other retailers, according to what I read in The Wall Street Journal.

A lot of the popularity of juicing can be attributed to a 2010 film called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead done by an Australian documentarian who was overweight and unhealthy and went on a juice fast to achieve fabulous health.

Is juicing the miracle for you? You see ads all around for weight loss programs this time of year. I love the ones that promise you can lose weight with no exercise.

The truth is there’s no one right path. You’ve got to find your own way and it will always involve calorie watching, dietary changes, and exercise.

We’re all looking for the miraculous thing that requires no effort. But nothing good comes easy.

Clark Deals
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