New help for the health of heavy travelers


Life on the road may be hazardous to your health, but now there’s new help for heavy travelers on the horizon.

We have problem in the United States with our sedentary lifestyle. Many of us commute extra-long distances. Sitting on your rear end in the car adds stress, plus you’re sitting, which we now know brings its own health complications. And the time you could have spent exercising doesn’t exist anymore in your life when you have a long commute.

I have one friend with a long commute who makes it a point to do 20 minutes on the treadmill each day before commuting. Another friend who did commute and hour and 10 minutes one way moved to within walking distance from his workplace. Since then, has lost 40 pounds.

But imagine being an open road trucker. You’re behind the wheel for 11 hours or more each day. What to do?

One truck stop operator that runs the TA and Petro Stopping Centers brands launched a program called StayFit to answer that question.

Their initiative included placing free mini-gyms in truck stops, promoting healthier eating options and half portions, directing truckers to nearby walking routes, and installing basketball courts in select locations, according to The Seattle Times.

Having some physical fitness in a trucker’s life makes him or her more attentive on the road apparently.

If you are spending a lot of time behind the wheel, building in that time for exercise helps with the stress. What can you do in your life to take more control of it?

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