New device offers challenge to Epipen for allergy sufferers

New device offers challenge to Epipen for allergy sufferers
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They say necessity is the mother of invention. I would add that it’s also the mother of entrepreneurism, too.

Eric and Evan Edwards are the developers behind Auvi-Q, a new auto-injector that contains a single dose of epinephrine for adults and children with life-threatening allergies.

The Edwards brothers grew up with life-threatening food allergies themselves. So they were acutely aware of both the benefits and shortcomings of the industry incumbent, the Epipen, which is used to stave off anaphylaxis shock in allergy sufferers.

As they got older, Eric and Evan took college courses in pharmaceuticals and engineering with a long-range goal of developing the Auvi-Q.

As Evan told The New York Times, ‘This wasn’t just an invention. This was something that I knew I was going to carry with me every single day.’

I love that here we have a case of people who saw a product they knew could use improvement like the traditional Epipen. And they worked to make their vision a reality.

The Auvi-Q is smaller than a deck of cards and shaped similarly to a cell phone. It has the ability to give verbal instructions to talk whoever is going to administer the shot through the process.


My wife and I have discussed it and we are going to get an Auvi-Q for our middle daughter, who has life-threatening food allergies.

So if the chips are down and she has a life or death situation, this device will calmly walk her — or somebody else — through giving a life-saving injection.

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