More ready-made salads coming to market


When’s the last time you had a salad? The average American now eats only about three salads per month, according to The Wall Street Journal.

That’s a stunner to my executive producer Christa who eats a salad about every two hours. She practically lives on rabbit food!

One reason Americans don’t eat more salads is that we’re into MREs (meals ready to eat.) With our busy schedules, we want food that’s fully prepared by others in restaurants or supermarkets.

Salads are kind of a lost art because they require a lot of prep, even if you’re starting with bagged lettuce. Of course, you could just pour the lettuce out of the bag, pop on some dressing and call it a salad. But most people would get tired of that pretty quickly. What makes a salad a salad really is all the other stuff that goes into it: various veggies, nuts and pieces of fruit.

So now, according to The Wall Street Journal, you will see a steady drumbeat of new ready-to-eat salads with all the fixings in a supermarket near you. Salad is truly becoming an MRE.

I think about my own eating habits and how I always get the vegetable choice at a restaurant. When I’m at home, I eat fruit, but not veggies, because I’m an American and I’m not going to do the work necessary to make veggies appealing!

These readymade salads will make it simple for people like me. Now it will be as easy as picking up a banana or an apple at home.  

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