Man dies in jail after being arrested for unpaid medical bills


A man arrested for outstanding medical bills was found dead in a jail cell shortly after being taken into custody.

What led to the arrest

Rex Iverson racked up a $2,376.92 bill from an ambulance ride in 2013. He never paid the bill and ignored repeated court orders to do so, according to the Standard Examiner. The delinquency led to a warrant being issued for his arrest.

Iverson, 45, was arrested January 23, and taken to a Box Elder County Jail cell in Brigham City, Utah. He died within hours alone in a cell there, according to the Box County Sheriff’s Office.

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There is no indication of foul play, according to officials. An investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and outside agencies are ongoing.


Neighbors and friends described Iverson as a giving, wonderful guy, according to the Standard Examiner.

“Rex would give from his heart,” Chrissy Sabala told the Standard Examiner. “But he never expected a thing.”

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