Make your resolution to get fit right now


Instead of waiting for 2012 to roll around, why not make a resolution to get fit right now in December?

Longtime listeners know that I have long been into working out. I lift weights at the YMCA and do aerobic exercise at home almost every single day of my life. But I was challenged by my father in law who felt I wasn’t working out enough. He wanted me to do a sum total of 1,500 minutes a month of exercise.

The funny thing about exercise for me is that it doesn’t any get easier the more I do it! I didn’t get up to 1,500 minutes overnight; it was a gradual thing. At one time, I only used to exercise just half an hour three times a week. Now I do it quite a bit more, but I only built up to that step by step over time.

Come January 2, you’ll see the saturation bombing advertising about miracle weight loss programs and joining gyms. But I want you to get a start right now. What’s wrong with today?

A friend of mine is running his first marathon this weekend in Las Vegas. Before he got marathon ready, he was not in the best of shape and was carrying too many pounds. But he’s worked at it slowly and is now really fit. If I line up next to him to run that race, there’s no doubt that I will choke on his dust!

You don’t have to feel like you need to go join a gym to get a workout in. I use the YMCA because they have a computer program for weight lifting that controls my range of motion, the weight I lift, the speed of the lift and more, all to keep me from getting injured. It’s very good for me.

But you can do a lot in your own home. You can walk if you live a sedentary life. Or I have a friend who heard me talk about the benefits of standing up while working instead of sitting down. So she got a standing desk and uses that now during her workday.

I want you to get that jump start. You can rewrite the future. There’s no need to live a sedentary and fat-filled December. Why not today, why not now?

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