Look for these food labels for healthier choices


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TRANSCRIPT: We are trying to eat healthier. At least we are trying to buy healthier foods when we go to the super market and that’s led to moves by various super market retailers and various food manufacturers to try to fool us with things on the label that make us think that the food is healthier than it really is.

What kind of things? Number one is when they say all natural? Bologna. There is no standard for that. When they start talking about multi-grain, no standard for that, and by the way, watch the packaging. Do you know now a lot of us associate green on a package for a packaged supermarket good as meaning it’s good for us? But it’s just marketing.

Do you know what you should look for? Not the words organic. You want to see 100 % USDA certified organic. That’s right. The only standard that means anything is 100 % USDA organic. Other stuff, just fake labeling. I’m Clark Howard.

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