Internet use makes you smarter no matter your age


Want to stay mentally sharp even in old age? Start surfing the Internet!

A team of UCLA researchers presented that revealing finding during the Society for Neuroscience’s recent annual meeting. The researchers looked at a group of subjects (with an average age of nearly 67) who were not initially Internet savvy. After just two weeks of basic web surfing, the subjects’ MRIs showed remarkable brain activity.

Simply getting on the information superhighway actually made them smarter!

“Their brains showed activation in portions of the superior and medial frontal gyrus and the inferior frontal gyrus,” The Los Angeles Times reports. “Those are regions of the brain key to decision-making, working memory and interference resolution — the skill of fending off distracting intrusions and allowing necessary ones while ‘bookmarking’ one’s place in a task to return.”

So ladies and gentlemen, start your search engines!

Note: This segment originally aired in November 2009

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