How to get prescriptions as low as $4/month


TRANSCRIPT: There are times when you go to fill a prescription that it feels like the pills must be this big, because of how much it cost to fill the prescription. And that’s opened up a marketplace where we are getting solicitations in the mailbox offering us special discount programs for filling prescription drugs. We pay a monthly fee or an annual fee and then supposedly we are able to get prescriptions at a lower price. Well are you really getting a deal? I’ll tell you the better way to get a deal is do you know Walmart, Target, and a number of supermarkets around the country offer what I call their $4 prescription list. They may range in price, but typically $4 for a one month supply, $10 for a 90 day supply of certain generic medicines. What I’d like you do is print out at whatever your favorite store is, their list of their cheap prescription. When you go to the doctor take it with you and see if your doctor can write your prescription from the $4 list. Then it will shrink the size of your bill and hopefully get you healthy as quickly as anything else would anyway. I’m Clark Howard.

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